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eRegisters - student FAQs

      Why is Birkbeck recording student attendance?

      It is important that we know you are attending regularly as research has shown that consistent attendance and good academic performance are closely linked.

      By checking student attendance we plan to be able to identify students who require support at an early stage and put measures in place to help them continue their studies. This will help us improve our student support services and develop targeted, timely personalised interventions.

      Birkbeck has a number of legal and contractual obligations to check students' progress and inform certain external bodies of students' temporary or permanent absence, which may affect entitlement to support from the Student Loan Company or other financial support.

      Why do I need to register my attendance?

      Attendance is an important element in supporting student performance, and regular attendance is closely linked to academic success. Birkbeck is also committed to helping its students to resolve any problems that may be impacting adversely on their studies.

      We understand that attendance can be difficult at times because of conflicting external demands; however, we know that absence at classes and lectures does become of particular concern if you have missed more than two sessions.

      By checking attendance we plan to be able to identify students who need support at an early stage and put in place measures to help them continue their studies.

      What do I need to do?

      You should register your attendance to all your lectures, seminars and workshops by touching your student ID card on the reader that is inside (or in some cases just outside) the teaching room. The card reader will show a green light and in some locations will beep to verify your card has been read. You can do this up to 15 minutes before the start of the class or 15 minutes after it ends.

      If the teaching room is not fitted with a card reader, the teaching staff will explain to you how your attendance will be recorded. For smaller sessions your attendance may be recorded directly online; in larger classes there may be a register or sign-in sheet passed around.

      Details about my ID card

      For more details on who is entitled to an ID card and how to obtain one, and what happens if you have lost your card, please visit Your Birkbeck ID Card.

      What if I forget my ID card or forget to tap in?

      If you forget your card or forget to tap your card on an odd occasion, don't worry. You can make a comment against your expected attendance using the 'My weekly class attendance' option in your My Birkbeck Profile which will help explain your apparent 'absence' should your school staff be concerned about your attendance. For a student who is usually recorded as present, an occasional absence will not cause alarm. However, you should make every effort to attend all timetabled classes.

      If you tap into class, it can take up to 12 hours for your Birkbeck Profile page to update your attendance status to 'Present'. For rooms where there is no reader and you sign a paper register it can vary but we aim to have the forms processed within a couple of days.

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      Once you have completed enrolment you are entitled to a Birkbeck ID card. This will take a few days to be printed and posted to you; in the meantime you will be able to print out a temporary card. You should plan to order your ID card as soon as possible because this also acts as your College ID, library and access card as well as being used for recording attendance.

      If you have lost your card you can order a replacement for a small fee from the Student Advice Centre.

      Don't worry if you don't have a card to record attendance for a few days. The main aim of eRegisters is to capture your pattern of attendance and we will take into account the fact that, especially at the start of the academic year, some students will not have a card.

      If you are a student on a Tier 4 Visa, please see the notes below.

      For more details on who is entitled to an ID card and how to obtain one, and what happens if you have lost your card, please visit Your Birkbeck ID Card.

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      What happens if I am absent because I am ill or have an important appointment?

      You can let us know, either through your tutor or the course administrator, if you have been ill or cannot attend, for example because you have a doctor's appointment.

      Submitting an absence notification does not change your attendance figure, but it does help explain your absence. Students who have an above-average level of absence may be contacted, as it is important that you are aware of how much learning is being missed. This could have a negative effect on academic performance and we may be able to offer support and assistance.

      In the future we may provide a service through your My Birkbeck Profile to allow you to inform us about illness, work or other commitments that prevent you from attending.

      What is Birkbeck’s obligation to notify international students’ continuous non-attendance to UKVI?

      Birkbeck is legally required to notify UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) of poor attendance by students who need a student visa in order to study in the UK.

      The eRegisters card reader is not working.

      If you think the card reader is not working (because there is no light flashing AND no sound), please report faults to the ITS Service Desk. Please note that the 'beep' on card read is deliberately disabled on some readers.