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Microsoft 365 (M365)

Microsoft 365 (M365) is a cloud-based suite of applications and services that allows you to communicate, collaborate and store files effectively. Everything is integrated to help you work seamlessly.

M365 gives you access to the core Office tools (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams) plus other apps that can help you with your studies (e.g. OneNote, Forms, Planner).

All students get access to Birkbeck's M365 once they are fully enrolled.

Access Microsoft 365

  • To access M365 go to the M365 logon page and enter your Birkbeck credentials in the form (e.g. and your Birkbeck password. You may also have to respond to a multi-factor authentication (MFA) challenge where you have to verify who you are. For more information about MFA and instructions on how to register visit the Usernames, passwords and MFA page. 
  • All the apps and services you have access to are listed in the bar on the left. These are the web versions which you can access anywhere from any device.
  • You can install the desktop version (M365 version) of the following Office apps on your personal devices. Click the Install Office button in the top right corner, then select Office 365 apps
  • Outlook
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • You can install the Office apps on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets and five smartphones.
  • Mobile versions of the apps for Android/iOS are available from the relevant app store or from the Microsoft web site. Links are in the relevant sections below. 

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is used widely at Birkbeck to deliver online teaching. With Teams you can attend live sessions, communicate with your class and arrange meetings with colleagues and teaching staff.
  • To use the full functionality of Teams you should download the Teams app onto your computer or mobile device. You should also log in using your Birkbeck credentials:
  • Username:
  • Password: your Birkbeck password you use for Moodle and MyBirkbeck
  • Although you can attend live sessions in Teams without downloading the app and logging in with your Birkbeck credentials, you do so as a ‘guest’. Guest users do not have access to the full range of features within the sessions. Managing guests in a meeting can also cause complications for those running the sessions. We therefore strongly encourage you to use the app and your Birkbeck account. This document explains how to download and login to Teams. It also explains how to access the web version of Teams, which you can use on any device without having to install the app.
  • Some teaching staff use breakout rooms in their live sessions, to split you into smaller groups for focused discussions and brainstorming. Please check the document above to ensure your device meets the minimum system requirements for using breakout rooms.
  • You are automatically added to the Teams for your modules. You will see the Teams you are a member of on the Teams tab when you log in.
  • Optimising mobile data usage for Teams meetings: if you use your mobile device for Teams meetings and video calls you can reduce the amount of data by changing a setting in the Teams mobile app. See Optimize mobile data usage for instructions. 

OneDrive for business (personal file storage)

  • OneDrive for Business provides 1TB of secure, cloud-based file storage and is the recommended place for keeping your personal files. With OneDrive for Business you can:
  • Get to your files from anywhere using any device.
  • Easily share files with others and work on documents together. No need to send bulky email attachments or carry copies around on a memory stick.
  • Use the OneDrive mobile app to access your files on the go.
  • Use the web version or install the desktop app from the M365 home page.
  • To use the web version login to M365. For an overview, see OneDrive Basics (video, 01:26). 
  • All your files and folders on OneDrive for Business are private but you can easily share them with others, either to view or edit. For instructions, see Share files and folders (video, 01:42). 
  • If you want the full functionality of OneDrive, install the Office desktop apps from the M365 home page. This is recommended if you want to access your files through File Explorer.
  • Download the OneDrive mobile app from the relevant app store or from the Microsoft web site
  • OneDrive for Business is supported and backed up by IT Services so files lost through accidental deletion or malicious attack can be recovered.
  • Your Birkbeck OneDrive for Business is GDPR-compliant which is important if you are storing personal data (e.g. when conducting research). 

Outlook (email)

office (word, excel, powerpoint)

  • Log in to M365 to access the web versions of the applications. These are light versions that you can use anywhere from any device.
  • The web versions support co-authoring where you can work on documents with other people at the same time.
  • If you need the full functionality of the tools, install the desktop apps from the M365 home page.
  • Download the Office mobile app from the relevant app store or from the Microsoft web site.

Microsoft 365 training

Microsoft 365 on leaving Birkbeck

  • When you complete your studies, you will receive advance notice of when your account will be deactivated, at which point you will no longer be able to use your M365 applications.
  • Your OneDrive for Business account will stay active for a grace period after your graduation. This is to ensure you have time to move all your personal files to an alternative location.
  • M365 applications installed on personal devices will have reduced functionality when your account is deactivated. Applications can be reactivated with a personal or new workplace M365 account. However, you will no longer have access to your previous files.