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New BSc Economics launched

This new BSc Economics is designed to provide a core of rigorous, technically demanding, yet applications-oriented, skills in economics. Students exiting the degree will have acquired enough knowledge and skills to equip them for professions requiring economic literacy and with the analytical tools expected from a high-quality economics degree.


Birkbeck is ideal if you wish to do your undergraduate degree while working full-time, and last year saw the introduction of Birkbeck’s best-ever financial package for part-time undergraduate students. There is new government money and new Birkbeck money available to support you, so money worries should not prevent you studying. Click here for more information

Graduates of the School are enthusiastic about their time here and the opportunities opened up by their Birkbeck degrees:

"My success at Birkbeck led to a postgraduate degree at the London School of Economics in Development. This made it possible for me to return to places I knew only as a traveller on previous ventures but now go to as a professional, working on international development projects....
Birkbeck enabled me to get access to a world I never thought was within my reach and opened opportunities beyond all expectations"
Claudia Sperlich, BSc Economics and Social Policy

"Right from the start I knew that I felt comfortable at Birkbeck. All the staff were incredibly supportive and understood that the students had other commitments as well as studying. It was also useful to be with students who were in the same, or similar, position to me - working and studying.  There was a really diverse mix of students in each class, with a whole range of experiences, which definitely enhanced the group discussions...
I can honestly say that going to Birkbeck turned my life around"
Caroline Mendes da Costa, BSc Maths and Statistics

"I think of my time at Birkbeck as a truly liberating experience which I will always cherish." Tanweer Khan, BSc Financial Economics