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What our students say

Kate Ruusuvuori

Cert HE Life Sciences allied to medicine

'When the tutors talked about their research they were so passionate that it made me realise that was what I wanted to do.'

Jameel Caitane-Thomas

MSc Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

'My qualification has opened new avenues of career development not previously available to me.'

Sarah Frodsham

MSc Structural and Molecular Biology (distance-learning)

'The tutors were also fantastic and incredibly easy to contact.'

Rob Williams

PhD Structural Biology

'Birkbeck allowed me to go part-time in the summer, so that I could concentrate on rowing, and then I would study full-time in the winter.'

Nicola Spence

MSc Microbiology

'Studying at Birkbeck turned out to be the best decision I made at the start of my career.'

Karen Atkinson

BSc Biological Sciences

'My relationship with fellow students was very good.'

Diane Lartey

MSc Microbiology

'Biology at Birkbeck was the obvious choice.'

David Belenguer

BSc Biological Sciences

'Getting this degree was an awesome experience.'

Ekaterina Shakour

BSc Molecular Biology

'I would definitely recommend Birkbeck.'

James Sissons

PhD Biology

'Going into a subject in-depth is very satisfying.'

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