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Therapeutic groups for students

PhD Students' Therapeutic Support Group

Are you a PhD student who:

  • has a mental health diagnosis
  • has physical health problems
  • has specific learning needs that cause difficulty or distress
  • is struggling with confidence, engagement, relationships, loneliness or loss?

If you feel you would benefit from some exploration and support as you pursue your PhD, please consider referring yourself to this ongoing, reflective, therapeutic support group facilitated by the Birkbeck Counselling Service (and co-funded by the BGRS).

The group meets weekly online via MS Teams, Fridays at 11.30-1pm. It is already established and has been running successfully since January 2022. Spaces become available on an occasional basis.

To express interest please citing 'PhD Group' in the subject and listing your full name, student number, phone number and preferred email address.

Reflective group for Foundation Course Students

This group incorporates workshops on Anxiety, Resilience and Confidence followed by a facilitated reflective space.

  • Are you a Foundation Course student returning to study after a break, or perhaps later in life?
  • Are you the first in your family to go on to higher education?
  • Have you had a difficult time in education previously?
  • Do you worry that you won't belong at university?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Birkbeck Counselling Service is offering a four-part online Reflective Group incorporating 20 minute workshop sessions on Anxiety, Resilience and Confidence followed by 40 minutes of supportive, reflective space in which you can share your concerns and experiences with fellow students.

Students are required to sign up for the whole series of four sessions, in order to create a supportive cohort which can foster increasing resilience and confidence over the first term of study.

The four workshops are as follows:

  • Managing Anxiety – 6th November 2023
  • Building Resilience – 20th November 2023
  • Growing in Confidence – 4th December 2023
  • Concluding session – 15th January 2024

The Reflective Group will be facilitated by Jo Myddelton, who is a Senior Counsellor and the Therapeutic Groups co-ordinator in the Birkbeck Counselling Service.

Students sign up to all sessions as one event via the Events system and are expected to attend all four in order to encourage an ongoing conversation and reflection. Ahead of the first session you will receive an email with guidance for what is expected in the group. The sessions will take place online via Microsoft Teams.

Book your place for the Reflective Group for Foundation Course Students.