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Advice for relatives and staff

When emotional issues are having an impact on a student’s personal or academic life, our Counselling Service is here to help them. We offer therapeutic consultations, short-term counselling sessions, self-help resources and workshops. 

Whether you are a relative or member of staff, if you have concerns about the wellbeing of a student we would encourage you to .

We welcome referrals from tutors however we will also need the student to contact us directly to activate the referral. We will not proceed until the student does so, to ensure that the student is willing to engage in the process of counselling. If the student is not willing to engage and you are seriously concerned about their mental health, we would recommend contacting the Mental Health Advisory Service to discuss a more practical approach to managing your concerns.

If a student approaches you in emotional distress, it is important to try to give them your full attention.

If the student does not want help, respect their right not to discuss their problems and invite them to speak to you further if they wish to. 

If the student is in crisis, please contact one of the Emergency Support services.

We are part of the Wellbeing Service, so our colleagues in the Disability and Dyslexia Service and in the Mental Health Advisory Serviceare also on hand to help. 

Support for relatives and friends

If you are concerned that your friend or relative is showing signs of low mood or anxiety, you may want to encourage them to visit their doctor for a medical assessment, as well as contacting us to make an appointment to see a counsellor. We have a number of self-help resources available that will provide more information on a range of issues that may be affecting your friend or relative.

Student confidentiality

When you are concerned about a student’s wellbeing, we understand that you may want to know whether they’re receiving support from our Counselling Service.

In order for counselling to be helpful, it is essential that we maintain strict confidentiality for all students. Information can only be released to third parties with the express, written consent of the student.

Without their permission, we cannot disclose if a student has been in contact with our service, but if you choose to share information with us, we will discuss it with the student if they are a client of the service.