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Accommodation scholarships

A number of organisations offer external scholarships that Birkbeck students can apply for. Information is given below as a guide only and is not managed by Birkbeck. Please check the organisations’ websites for more details and up-to-date information.

International Students House Scholarship

International Students House (ISH) is a charity that enables young people worldwide to achieve their academic aims. They believe every young person should have the opportunity to succeed whatever their background.

As part of the ISH Mission, the ISH scholarship provides discounted accommodation to two Birkbeck full-time students to live at ISH and develop the skills, knowledge and connections they need to make a positive contribution to their communities back home.

  • Scholarship number: Two
  • Scholarship amount: £6,000 per scholar
  • Application deadline: 6 August 2023
  • Room type: Single, shared bathroom
  • Price (before discount): from £249.97 per week
  • Contract length: you can choose 40 weeks or 12 months
    • 40 weeks: from Saturday 16 September 2023 to Friday 21 June 2024
    • 12 months: from Saturday 16 September 2023 to Saturday 14 September 2024

Selection criteria

  • Students should be from a developing or emerging country.
  • Preference will be given to students who:
    • study a course that will provide skills to assist in developing their home country
    • have a good proven academic record, with every prospect of success in their studies and future careers
    • have financial difficulties in funding their studies
    • are willing to be an active member of a diverse international community at the International Student House
    • receive tuition fee scholarships from Birkbeck or Chevening will be given priority.

When to apply

  • Applications are open until 6 August 2023

How to apply

  • You need to submit an online application form to apply for the ISH scholarship. You will be informed of the result in 2-3 weeks after the deadline (6 August 2023) in an email from

Goodenough House Scholarships

Goodenough House is a postgraduate-only hall of residence located minutes away from Birkbeck's Bloomsbury campus. They offer the following scholarships to students residing in the hall. Applications for Entry Scholarships are made at the same time as submitting your application to live at the College.

If you would like further information, please at Birkbeck.

London Goodenough Association of Canada (LGAC)

  • The LGAC is the Goodenough House Alumni organisation in Canada. The scholarships are for Canadian graduate students studying in London and living at Goodenough College. An application should be made directly to the LGAC (download an application form). Six or more scholarships of up to £5400 are available.