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Our current research students

Arts and Humanities

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Project
Niro AminArts and HumanitiesProfessor Joanne Winning

Professional Development in Primary Care: Managing ill health among General Practitioners.

Jaswinder BlackwellArts and Humanities 

Dr Katie Maclean (GEDS)

Dr Louise Owen

‘Smile You’re on Stage: acting out emotional labour in the service sector.

Elizabeth YangArts and Humanities

Dr Joel McKim

Dr Silke Arnold-de Simine

Consuming Memory: ‘Transition Memory’ and the role of Dark Tourism in Northern Ireland.

Paula Clemente VegaArts and Humanities 

Dr Mari-Paz Balibrea Enriquez

Dr Sophie Hope

Postcolonising Desire and Representation. Intersectional Aesthetics and Testimonial Narratives in Spanish and British Cultural Institutions.

Parnian FerdossiArts and Humanities 

Professor Patrizia Di Bello

Dr Scott Rodgers

Heterotopography; A Project for Tehran to Be Examined through Photography

Caroline MolloyArts and Humanities 

Professor Patrizia Di Bello

Dr Emma Sandon

Re-imagined communities: understanding the visual habitus of transcultural photographs.

Leila NassereldeinArts and Humanities 

Dr Silke Arnold-de Simine

Professor Esther Leslie

Methodological Correspondences in Walter Benjamin and Humphrey Jennings' Interwar Work: Crisis, Historiography and the Collated Aesthetic.

Maria PatsouArts and Humanities 

Dr Fintan Walsh

Professor Joanne Winning

Representations of mental illness in contemporary performance

Carly RobinsonArts and Humanities 

Dr Caroline Edwards

Dr Nathalie Wourm

Schizo-narratives – feminist activism through affect in contemporary experimental writing. 

Gerrie Van NoordArts and Humanities 

Dr Luisa Calè

Professor Patrizia Di Bello

Dr Ben Cranfield (external)

The Fringes. Publications on Art: Intersections of the Curatorial, the Translational and the Authorial.

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Student nameStudent programmeSupervisor(s)Project
Pedro Castelo FerreiraHumanities and Cultural Studies 

Dr Luis Trindade

"How Portuguese architectural periodicals helped form the architectural discipline and its discourses in Portugal from the early 1900’s to the late 1980’s."

Eu Jin ChuaHumanities and Cultural Studies

Professor Esther Leslie

Hyder JawadHumanities and Cultural StudiesProfessor Barry Curtis

Football in Apartheid Liverpool, 1878-1981.

Senam OkudzetoHumanities and Cultural StudiesProfessor Mark Crinson

Ghana Must Go: Modernity, Memory and Material Culture in Post-Independence West Africa.

Jisuk ParkHumanities and Cultural Studies

Professor Garin Dowd

Beckett and Deleuze: Literature of Exhaustion and the Material Imagination.

Christina ParteHumanities and Cultural Studies

Professor Esther Leslie

Valentina RavagliaHumanities and Cultural Studies

Professor Barry Curtis

Dr Ben Cranfield (external)

Stephen SaleHumanities and Cultural Studies
Professor Roger Luckhurst

The Legacy of Weimar Critiques of Technology in the Media Histories of Friedrich Kittler.

Raymond Van de WielHumanities and Cultural Studies

Research students in our departments