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Labs and research facilities for Biological Sciences

We have high-specification teaching laboratories and internationally-leading research facilities, particularly for structural, computational and chemical biology, together with microbiology.

Our bustling, fully-equipped teaching labs and computing resources give our students access to real-world, hands-on experience throughout their courses. Our students build a portfolio of practical and data-handling skills during their studies and these are integrated with fundamental biosciences knowledge to give a rounded study experience in biological sciences.

Our research is shaped by our membership of the Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology (ISMB), a joint research institute between Birkbeck and University College London (UCL). Together, we integrate our work with chemical and physical sciences to investigate diverse biological systems, in particular, the mechanisms of intracellular molecular machines. From this work, we aim to increase our understanding of human diseases and how best to combat them. 

We take bookings for teaching purposes for our three teaching laboratories during the day.

ISMB Facilities

Other laboratories

Teaching Laboratory and Facilities hire

We take regular bookings of our three teaching laboratories during the day. Please note we only accept bookings for teaching purposes. The ISMB BiophysX Centre is also available for academic or commercial use via Clustermarket.

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