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Hiring our facilities for earth and planetary sciences research

Microprobe suite

The Electron Microprobe offers Jeol8100 Superprobe with an Oxford Instrument INCA microanalytical system (EDS). This facility is located within the School of Natural Sciences at Birkbeck on the 6th floor of the Malet Street building.

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Raman Spectrometer

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Clean laboratory

You can hire our metal-free, positive pressure clean laboratory.

For more information, contact Dr Philip Hopley.

Petrology suite

The Petrology Suite offers:

  • 67 workstations, each with a microscope and touchscreen computer 
  • electron microscope (housed next to the suite). 
  • Panopto lecture capture technology, which means that lectures and presentations can be recorded

The suite's high spec touch-screen PCs can be used as a computing facility. Bespoke software can be installed to allow specific short courses to be delivered, usually out of term time.

Contact Steve Hirons, the Lab Manager, for more information.