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Policy, practice and activism research cluster

Ours is an emerging strand of work within the Birkbeck Law School, focusing on the development and critique of social policy and practice. Our work is often externally funded, empirical research with an explicit policy or practice focus, and we often also work with activists and grass-roots organisations.

Our work cross-cuts criminal justice, social welfare, immigration and education spheres of public policy, and the delivery of services and sanctions by public, private and voluntary sector institutions.

Methodological diversity and innovation are key to our research activities and can pose a range of ethical challenges. Much of our research involves active engagement with practitioners and professionals, as well as service users and recipients.

Relevant research centres


Postgraduate Research Student members

  • Jo Blackwell
  • James Godfrey
  • Becka Hudson (social movements, resistance to criminalisation)
  • Shailesh Kumar

Current and recent externally funded research projects