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About Us

The Marketing and Consumer Research Group explores marketing and consumption phenomena from a wide range of perspectives, drawing on socio-cultural, psychological, anthropological, organisational, managerial, feminist and literary traditions of research. We are building a strong reputation for our distinctive multi-disciplinary approach to marketing and consumer research.

Our research and teaching has contributed to scholarship beyond its traditional confines. Recent work reflects our inclusive approach to research, and focuses on the connections between economic, social, political and cultural life using quantitative, qualitative and interpretive, and mixed research methods. We explore the implications of contemporary shifts in the digital and cultural economy for organisations, business practice and consumer welfare.

Our Research Themes

  • Paratextual advertising and promotion
  • Gender equality in consumer research and marketing
  • The psychology of consumers in situations of crisis and brand crises
  • Sustainability, stakeholder marketing, circular economy
  • The influence of organisational paradoxes on marketing practices
  • Power relations in consumption and the marketplace
  • Networks and relationship marketing
  • Strategic marketing and cyber security management
  • Corporate (re)branding
  • Asian perspectives and contradictions in interpretive consumer research
  • Product placement
  • Media regulation
  • Death rituals, death consumption
  • The impact of artificial intelligent and financial technology on social life
  • Customer experience management