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Human rights research cluster

We think human rights, international law and European law are among the most stimulating and topical research areas within our discipline.

Research specialisms

  • We adopt critical theoretical, historical and comparative socio-legal approaches to our research which covers:
    • migrant, refugee, and asylum law and racism
    • the European Convention on Human Rights
    • the European Charter of Fundamental Rights
    • human rights in the former Soviet Union and Latin America
    • imprisonment
    • international criminal law
    • parents' and children’s rights.


Postgraduate Research Student members

  • Alexis Alvarez-Nakagawa
  • Livia Berecz
  • Jo Blackwell
  • James Godfrey 
  • Tina Hartland-Swann
  • Becka Hudson (imprisonment, rights and health)
  • Shailesh Kumar
  • Jen Neller

recent externally funded research projects