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Critical Legal and Criminological Theory research cluster

The Birkbeck Law School has a sustained interest in critical theory and is recognised as an international hub in critical legal studies, by virtue of current and former Professors Costas Douzinas, Peter Goodrich and Peter Fitzpatrick, recognised pioneers in this field. They introduced post-structuralist theory and psychoanalysis to critical legal studies in the UK and promoted an understanding of law through ethics, aesthetics, politics and post-colonial theory.

Research specialisms

  • We have strengthened our theoretical analysis of law through research in:
    • critical race and feminist theory
    • Frankfurt critical theory
    • gender
    • new materialism
    • queer theory
    • political economy
    • political theory and political theology
    • sexuality.

Relevant research centres


Postgraduate Research Student members

Current and recent externally funded research projects

  • Legalising the state of emergency in the late Ottoman empire (Stewart Motha)