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About us


The Centre for Neurodiversity at work is led by Birkbeck’s Department of Organizational Psychology and Genius Within CIC. These two organisations currently operate in partnership, through sponsored employee doctoral research programmes and providing field research opportunities.

The Department of Organizational Psychology regularly publishes high quality research in the area of occupational neurodiversity.

Genius Within CIC is an award-winning social enterprise, with a decade of experience in consulting with business leaders, teams and individuals on neuroinclusion as well as working in criminal justice and unemployment, where complex marginalization and trauma compound occupational exclusion.


We believe that good organisational practice fosters diversity throughout the employment lifecycle and embraces difference. Our Advisory Board represents lived experience and professional expertise in disability law, human resources, psychology, research, technology, policy and management.

By joining forces, we aim to develop an evidence-based management approach to neurodiversity and to address the intersectional, social justice aspects of systemic inclusion.

We aspire to effect change by developing interventions that work, which management feel confident to deliver and which enhance the prosperity and career opportunities of neurominorities.