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Artists in Association

In 2020, Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality established the BiGS Artists in Association programme, where artists are invited to respond to our guiding theme, which in 2020-21 is ‘care’. 

The successful applicants may wish to engage with a Birkbeck academic's work as part of this project.



  • Care(free) is a new piece of prose poetry written by Alinah Azadeh, a journey through the future imaginary of the Greco-Roman goddess Cura (Care) as she creates the first human out of clay. 
  • The work invites reflection on the gendered origins of caring itself, through the interwoven narratives of three women, and considers the cost of crossing the shifting boundary between caring for others into the potential loss of one’s own freedom, life and health in the process. It also sings its praises as a well of creative and political potency through times of crises.
  • Listen to Care(free). For an enhanced experience, take it to the edge of a river, notebook in hand and listen there.
  • Alinah Azadeh is a writer, artist, performer and social activist, creating poetic and provocative narratives around identity, loss, and our personal and social relationships, for museums, galleries, public spaces and across diverse communities over the last 20 years. She has published short stories, articles and poetry (most recently in Covert Magazine) and has recently finished writing her first novel, In the Skin of a Stranger, which was longlisted for the S I Leeds Literary Prize. 
  • Alinah is an Associate Research Fellow at Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre.
  • Alinah's online work on care and other emotional commons themes during an artist residency for Craftspace this year, produced Craft in Common, and recently co-won the 2020 Achates Prize.
  • We See You Now, her audio walk project and programme-in-development, is focusing on decolonisation and climate amidst the shifting coastal landscape of the South Downs National Park.
  • You can follow Alinah on social media on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. You can also visit Alinah's website.


  • Alda Terracciano is an interdisciplinary artist/researcher with a particular interest in creating tangible experiences using mediums such as moving image, sound, and participatory design. She is an Associate Research Fellow in the School of Arts (Birkbeck Centre for Contemporary Theatre).  


  • Spaces of Care is a new video piece by performance maker and director, Fauve Alice.
  • This video piece is born from the experience of being a professional care worker over the past 18 months; the frustrations of being atomised as a worker, and dreaming of what care could look like if we thought about it in a more playful and holistic way, and in relation to the spaces that we construct.
  • This work was commissioned by Birkbeck Gender and Sexuality (BiGS) as part of the BiGS Artist in Association programme for 2020-21.
  • Fauve Alice is a performer and maker who creates playful, provocative, sensual performance pieces which explore and question normative social values. She works in both national and international contexts.
  • Watch Spaces of Care.
  • Visit Fauve Alice's website.


For more information or to apply for 2021-22, please .