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Training needs analysis

All postgraduate research students at Birkbeck are invited to complete a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). 

the benefits of TNA

  • This process will help you: 
    • create a framework to identify and assess your training needs 
    • formulate a plan to meet your training needs 
    • establish your priorities, so that you can identify and take advantage of relevant opportunities as they arise 
    • develop high-level skills and experience, to strengthen your career prospects beyond your MPhil/PhD 
    • record your training, to demonstrate and document your new skills 
    • ensure the Birkbeck Graduate Research School (BGRS), faculties and schools evaluate and develop the best training for MPhil/PhD researchers. 

Completing your TNA form 


  • New students should complete their TNA form during Term 1 of their first year.
  • Returning students should update their TNA form as needed and discuss it at formal supervisory meetings at least once each year, by the end of Term 2.

Important note for funded MPhil/PhD researchers 

  • If you are funded through a Doctoral Training Programme (e.g. if you are an ESRC UBEL researcher), check if you need to complete a different TNA process. 
  • If there is a specific TNA process tied to your funding, complete that instead of the Birkbeck TNA process.  

Vitae researcher development framework (RDF)