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Information for supervisors

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updateIn light of the developing situation, the Graduate Research School has placed a revised procedure for submission of theses for examination on our Moodle page (under Electronic Thesis Submission). This will be updated as the situation demands. If you have any questions concerning thesis submission, please .

The Birkbeck Graduate Research School (BGRS) provides essential information and guidance to support supervisors at Birkbeck. 

New starter checklist for supervisors 

  • The following checklist highlights issues of particular importance for new PhD supervisors:
  • Birkbeck’s Code of Practice for Postgraduate Training and Research for MPhil and PhD degrees, describes the responsibilities of supervisors (including the roles of Principal, Joint Principal and Second Supervisor) so please familiarise yourself with this document.
  • You should identify the following members of staff within your school:
    • Your departmental PGR Admin lead.
    • PGR Directors.
    • The Assistant Dean for PGR in your school.
    • It is important to check whether your PhD students have been correctly assigned to you on Research Track (see section below). The BGRS will send routine updates to all supervisors who have students assigned on Research Track.
    • Attend one of the forthcoming BGRS induction/ refresher sessions for PhD supervisors.
    • Familiarise yourself with the BGRS webpages.
    • Read about the Research Office which provides essential information including research funding, research integrity and ethics.
    • Information about departmental health and safety policies is available.

training for supervisors 

  • The Birkbeck Graduate Research School (BGRS) Training Programme includes training/ refresher sessions for new and more experienced PhD supervisors which takes place twice per year.
  • If you are an Arts and Humanities PhD supervisor you will be able to access supervisor training via the AHRC CHASE DTP
  • The BGRS Moodle site contains video resources, including a useful video on 'Outstanding Supervision' (see section on BGRS Moodle below). 
  • The Learning and Organisational Development team in HR offer training for MPhil/PhD supervisors. All supervisors are asked to complete the following human resources training in order to be prepared for recruitment of PhD students or taking part in studentship selection processes:
    • Equality & Diversity Essentials
    • Unconscious Bias
    • Recruitment & Selection for Academics
    • HR also provide a more general ‘Recruitment and Selection Refresher Briefing’ and ‘Recruitment and Selection and Interview Skills training’. 
  • You can view these HR training opportunities by logging in to Business World.

Research track 

  • Research Track is a centrally accessible system supporting postgraduate research student activities at Birkbeck. Further information about Research Track is available on the BGRS Moodle site.
  • As a supervisor, you can view details of your current Birkbeck PhD students on Research Track. To do this you should log in to My Birkbeck for Staff, look for the blue container titled ‘Research Track’ and select ‘My Research Students’.


  • If you have information that is of interest to the wider research student community at Birkbeck, please contact the BGRS who can distribute messages to all PhD students or add a piece to the BGRS blog.
  • An archive of BGRS updates sent to Birkbeck PhD students is available on the BGRS Moodle site.




Field trips 

  • If your student is planning a field trip please read guidance available on the BGRS Moodle site to ensure that planning, risk assessment, and insurance arrangements are made in advance.

training and training needs analysis




  • MPhil/PhD students and supervisors can access the BGRS Moodle site (please contact the BGRS if you can't), which includes: 
    • highlighted information for new research students 
    • a detailed overview of training and professional development available to research students 
    • lecture capture, slides and handouts from BGRS training sessions 
    • details of Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Student (PGR) Reps 
    • a summary of careers and employability resources for research students 
    • information about potential funding sources for current PhD students 
    • information about internships, teaching and demonstrating opportunities 
    • video resources and other useful information.  


change log 

  • If you have a suggestion for changes or additions to this page, please contact the BGRS. 
  • The following changes have been made to the page: 
    • 9 December 2019: Page updated and re-ordered and supervisor checklist added.