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Student policies 2024-25

Unlinked policies will be added when they become available.

  • Policy and regulations updates for 2024-25
  • Summary of key regulations, policies and terms and conditions (PDF)
  • Corporate policies

Admissions and student status

Teaching, learning and assessment

  • External examiners policy (PDF)
  • Feedback on assessment (PDF)
  • Intercollegiate study policy (PDF)
  • Late submission of work for assessment (PDF)
  • Marking and moderation policy (PDF)
  • Mitigating circumstances policy and procedure (PDF)
  • Online and remote assessment policy (PDF)
  • Peer review of teaching (PDF)
  • Personal tutoring (PDF)
  • Plagiarism prevention document
  • Recording of lectures and other teaching sessions (PDF) (under review)
  • Student engagement and attendance policy (PDF)
  • Sub-boards of examiners policy (PDF)
  • Supervised dissertations and research projects for taught students (PDF)
  • Suspension of regulations (PDF)
  • Teaching a module at different academic levels policy (PDF)

Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals

  • Academic integrity and misconduct policy (PDF)
    • AI guidance (PDF)
  • Academic integrity statement for students (PDF)
  • Appeals policy (taught students) (PDF)
    • Appeals form (taught students) (Word)
  • Children on campus policy (PDF)
  • Complaints policy and procedure (PDF)
    • Complaints form (Word)
    • Quick guide for complaints (PDF)
  • Dignity at Work and Study principles
  • Faith, belief and religion statement (PDF)
  • Free speech policy and procedure (PDF)
  • Safeguarding policy and procedure (PDF)
  • Social media principles (PDF)
  • Student discipline policy (PDF)
  • Supporting transgender, intersex and gender non-binary students (PDF)

Fees and payment

Research students

View policies that were in place for 2023-24.

View policies that were in place for 2022-23.