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Dr Simon Hewitt

Associate Research Fellow

Simon's research gravitates around the intersection of Logic, the Philosophy of Mathematics, and Metaphysics. His principal interest here is in plural quantification, its formalisation and applications. He's presently working on a version of logicism about arithmetic which makes use of plural quantification.

His next major project will be on quantification and ontological commitment. Here, Simon is particularly concerned to show how plural resources can help a broadly Quinean meta-ontological project.


On Gödel's 'Russell's Mathematical Logic', Concept and Form: The Cahiers pour l'Analyse and Contemporary French Thought (2010), Peter Hallward (ed).

Modalising Plurals, Journal of Philosophical Logic, 41 (2012).

The Logic of Finite Order, Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic, 53 (2012).

When do some things form a set?, Philosophia Mathematica, forthcoming.