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Dr Clare Vernon

  • Research


    Research overview

    I am a specialist in the art and architecture of the medieval Mediterranean, with a particular focus on southern Italy. I am interested in cross-cultural exchange between the Byzantine, Latin and Islamic areas of the Mediterranean. My first book, From Byzantine to Norman Italy: Mediterranean Art and Architecture in Medieval Bari will be published in 2021 by Bloomsbury. The book, which is based on my doctoral thesis, puts the city of Bari in a Mediterranean context, showing how Byzantine, Islamic and Romanesque designs were juxtaposed. It also explores the impact of the Norman conquest on southern Italian art.

    Research Centres and Institutes

  • Supervision and teaching

    Supervision and teaching


    I teach medieval art history on the BA and Foundation Year. In 2020/1 I am convening the BA dissertation and Research Portfolio. 

    Teaching modules

    • Dissertation MA History of Art (AHVM019D7)
    • Material and Process in Art (ARVC207S4)
    • Artistic Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean (ARVC208S6)
    • Art and Society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (ARVC239S5)
    • Frameworks: Histories and Theories of Art, Architecture, Photography (ARVC247S7)
    • Silk Threads: Weaving Global Art Histories of Medieval Textiles (ARVC290S7)
  • Publications