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Birkbeck's new international students receive a joyous welcome

Networking and career tips part of the package in introducing Birkbeck's cohort of new international students to a comprehensive learning experience as they embark on their studies at Birkbeck.

A photo of the welcome session for new international students

Students from 37 different countries attended a fun-filled, informal get-together at the Birkbeck campus on Friday 15 October. The Covid-19 compliant in-person event, which was part of the College’s orientation programme, introduced new international students to a package of extracurricular activities designed to enrich their learning experience for the 2021/22 academic year.

Colleagues from the academic schools and Central Services were on hand to warmly welcome the international students and to share their own experiences of being international students in previous years, both in the UK and elsewhere.

Pro Vice-Chancellor (International), Professor Kevin Ibeh said, “This welcome reception allowed a more informal and friendly induction for our international students who have joined the College at yet another challenging period in our long history. These new members of our community can be assured of the College’s resolute commitment to availing them of a top-quality learning experience and great memories.”

Other highlights of the Welcome event included the launch of the Birkbeck International Digest and an interactive session on networking and employment led by Anna Gordon from Birkbeck Futures. . This session illustrated the centrality of networking to achieving an enhanced learning experience and for the students’ future careers, and shared a few practical tips.

The best part of the event – actual interactive networking among the attendees - was kept to the end, and was enjoyed by the attendees.

A video of welcome remarks by Professor Ibeh and other Birkbeck staff can be viewed here: Birkbeck welcomes new international students - YouTube

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