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New Football Management and Finance course at Birkbeck

The new course, launching in January 2024, will enhance the financial expertise of football professionals and will be taught over nine sessions.

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Birkbeck’s Sport Business Centre has developed a new Football Management and Finance short course, in collaboration with Football Benchmark, to support football professionals keen to discover more about the economic and financial aspects of the industry and to provide crucial knowledge to those looking to enter the football industry for the first time.

The nine sessions of the short course will be delivered between 6.00 – 7.30pm from Thursday 11 January until Thursday 7 March 2024 and will feature real-life case studies and prominent industry professionals joining as guest speakers. The lectures will analyse the key factors that drive the economic success of a professional football club, encompassing areas such as:

  • media broadcasting
  • match-day attendance
  • commercial ventures
  • player development and trading

Dr Giambattista Rossi, Co-Director of the Birkbeck Sport Business Centre, and the Football Management and Finance course leader, said: “We are really excited at the prospect of a new programme which will provide students with relevant financial analytics and techniques for managing finances in professional football.

“We recognise that with the continued growth of the football market it’s even more critical that we can deliver courses which meet the needs of the growing industry. We’re pleased to be partnering with Football Benchmark to do this and to have the ability to be informed from their data and analytics platforms on how we can best meet those needs.”

Andrea Sartori, Founder and CEO of Football Benchmark said: "The collaboration between Football Benchmark and Birkbeck presents an excellent opportunity to share the latest insights into the economic and financial aspects of the football world, leveraging on our wealth of data stemming from our Data & Analytics platforms.

"Our jointly launched course aims to equip everyone with up-to-date and valuable knowledge for those who wish to have a holistic sight on football management, from the fundamentals to the analysis of various business models. We are delighted to have prominent industry professionals joining as guest speakers, providing unparallel added value to our course.”

Football clubs are global forces, with five billion fans around the world, and the advent of new technologies has significantly impacted the football ecosystem. With the professional football industry being one of the most commercially dynamic sectors in the sport media entertainment marketplace, the new course at Birkbeck is well positioned for the business and management needs of the game.

The course will examine the latest trends at global level, such as valuation of football clubs, mergers and actions transactions, digitalisation and women's football and will analyse how best-practice business models are adopted by clubs and league competitions to drive these revenue streams. Using real-life case studies, the course will also consider how club business models can be optimised, emphasising key trends and outlook. At the end of the course there will be a two-hour examination (100%) assessment.

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