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MSc Consultancy Students Deliver Successful Project with RSPCA

Each year, students on the MSc in Management Consultancy and Organisational Change work directly with major clients of PA Consulting on a variety of challenging consultancy projects.

On July 20 2018, a group of Birkbeck students studying MSc Management Consultancy and Organisational Change completed a successful project with RSPCA as part of their Consultancy Challenge project at the end of the course. Partnering with PA Consulting, students work with major clients of the consulting firm on a range of projects across an intense 12-week period.


The student team working with RSPCA received exceptional recognition for their contribution to the organisation and the work they delivered, with specific praise for their outstanding collaboration, commitment and creativity.


Each year, students taking part in the Consultancy Challenge are afforded the opportunity to deliver solutions to real problems that clients face, replicating the work of management consultants and experiencing a unique journey alongside team members who all offer different skills and knowledge.


Students reflected on their experience working together with RSPCA: “Our team developed an extremely strong connection from day one of the project and this experience has provided us all with an invaluable learning opportunity. We were fortunate to enjoy the journey with our client who gave us the space to deliver the project in our own way. Being welcomed into the organisation so positively meant that we genuinely felt part of a much wider piece of work that would have a lot of impact now and in the future.”


Jonathan Duckworth, Assistant Director of HR for RSPCA, said: We really appreciate all of the hard work, dedication, and commitment of the Birkbeck team. They quickly grasped our needs, embraced the challenge and handled the assignment in an extremely well organised, carefully researched, totally professional and proactive way. The team engaged positively with people across the RSPCA; they have produced a piece of work that can shape everything we do to improve animal welfare across the country and is a key building block for our future development.”


Emily Hill, Talent Consultant at PA Consulting, said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the RSPCA team. They have genuinely been a joy to work with and I have been so impressed with their commitment, professionalism and ability to have fun along the way. They put in a huge amount of effort and whenever I saw or spoke to them, their attitude was positive and enthusiastic despite the hard work and for the majority working full time. Over the 12-week project, I have watched them grow as a team and as individual consultants. Every team member has had great ideas and insights that have come through in their work and the outputs the team produced were to such a high standard, it’s genuinely a piece of work that PA would be proud to deliver if we had created it ourselves.”

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