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Birkbeck welcomes two new Fellows to the College

David Lammy MP and Professor Marianne Elliott are honoured for their contributions.

Platform party at graduation as Birkbeck welcomes David Lammy MP and Professor Marianne Elliott Fellows of the College.

Birkbeck is welcoming a pair of new Fellows to the College at spring graduation.

Elected annually by the College Governors, the award of a Birkbeck Fellowship recognises individuals who have either given outstanding service to the College or who have attained distinction in their fields or in connection with Birkbeck.

These will be awarded at our graduation ceremonies on 24, 25 and 26 April, where the College Orator, Professor Joanna Bourke, presents them to the Birkbeck community with a formal oration. Birkbeck’s 2018 Fellows are drawn from academia and public/political life.

The new fellows (and what they say about Birkbeck) are:

David Lammy MP

Member of Parliament for Tottenham, since 2000

“I am delighted to be given a Fellowship from an institution which has the provision of access to education at its heart. Higher education can be a life-changer and Birkbeck is enabling people to access opportunities which they may have otherwise missed.”

Professor Marianne Elliott

Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool

“I recall my time at Birkbeck with affection and admiration.  Its collegiality, the quality of its students and its academics, the sense of shared mission through every aspect of its organisation meant that in spirit I never really left Birkbeck.  It is a feeling shared, I know, by all former Birkbeckians, students and staff alike.”

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