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Birkbeck placed among top tier of London universities in annual league table

College ranks in top 33% of universities worldwide in 2015 QS Ranking

Birkbeck has ranked within the top 10 of London’s best universities, and the UK’s top 40 institutions, in the influential QS annual league table.

The 2015 QS World Ranking rates universities across the globe on such factors as their academic and employer reputation, student-to-faculty ratio, and citations per faculty.

The College has been placed 39th in the UK, and within London - which QS ranks as the third best student city in the world - Birkbeck is ranked an impressive 8th, jumping up two places from its top 10 position in last year’s QS rankings.

Internationally, the College has ranked 45th most successful in the world at attracting students from overseas, which speaks to Birkbeck's positive profile  abroad, as well as the intercultural teaching environment the college actively fosters.

On a faculty-basis, Birkbeck’s Arts & Humanities programmes have been ranked 6th best in the capital. And on a research front, the College ranks 16th in the UK and 8th in London for citations per faculty.

Birkbeck, which ranks in the top 33% of universities in the full global league table, has moved up six places within the UK on last year’s table, confirming its position as one of the best places to study, not only in London but across the UK.

Tricia King, Director of External Relations and pro-vice-master Strategic Engagement and Recruitment at Birkbeck said: “We are delighted to have performed so well in the QS World Rankings. Being placed once again within the top tier of higher education providers in London – a globally-recognised hub of academic excellence – and our significant rise in this year’s table, are evidence of our commitment to fostering and maintaining research and teaching environments of the highest order.

“As London’s only specialist provider of evening education, our student body contains a cross section of inspirational people of all ages and backgrounds who are committed to transforming their lives through education, while simultaneously having responsibilities in other areas of their lives. As such, Birkbeck’s achievement is in no small part reflective of the drive and determination of our students.”

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