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Birkbeck partners with OptaPro to launch short course in Football Analytics

Birkbeck’s Sport Business Centre will collaborate with OptaPro to deliver a short course on Football Analytics to upskill sports and media professionals interested in data analytics.

An aerial view of a football pitch to illustrate Birkbeck’s Sport Business Centre's  collaboration with OptaPro to deliver a short course on Football Analytics

Birkbeck’s Department of Management is delighted to announce a partnership with OptaPro, to deliver a short course on Football Analytics as part of the MSc in Sport Management and the Business of Football.

Commencing in Summer 2019, the eight-week module offers an introduction to core analytical approaches and concepts relevant to the professional football industry. It also focuses on the application of these concepts in day-to-day tasks and in long-term strategic planning. Students will be introduced to different analytical technologies, the value of both qualitative and quantitative data, data visualisation, and best practice for applying data in a range of football performance and football business scenarios.

Seminars will be delivered by industry professionals with first-hand experience of implementing data and analytical processes within the sport. Previous students who completed the course have gone on to pursue careers in the industry, including roles at Premier League clubs and in football governance.

Dr Giambattista Rossi, Lecturer in Sport Labour Markets and Module Convenor, said: “I am extremely proud of this partnership with OptaPro. This collaboration has enabled the Department to enhance its offerings to students, and it demonstrates the quality of the programmes offered at Birkbeck. Thanks to OptaPro, the module will see the involvement of experts in football analytics, with relevant industry experience, which means that the students will have an enriching experience during the course. As a university with a positive international reputation, we hope to continue providing innovative academic programmes in sport management.”

Discussing the partnership, Ben Mackriell, Head of OptaPro, said: “This partnership between OptaPro and Birkbeck represents an exciting time for the football analytics industry. This new module includes some of the core fundamentals around football analytics and will provide these students with a foundation to further understand and apply these concepts throughout their future careers. Analysts often have to learn these skills ‘on the job’ and this module will help to ensure that the next generation are better informed heading into their careers. OptaPro has worked closely with Birkbeck for a number of years, and I’m thrilled that our partnership continues with the development of this module.”

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