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Study spaces and facilities

Where can I study?

The Library has a variety of study spaces and facilities to support you. Check our online guide for practical information.

Accessible study areas

  • Based on level one, the Accessibility Centre is a study area for disabled students, where you can access adjustable furniture, task lights and scanners. 
  • Based on level three, there are two computers in the individual study area, where you can access adjustable desks.
    •  Booking: you don't need to book these spaces. 
  • If you need to use Dragon (speech-to-text software) or you are working with your student assistant/tutor, there are three Study Support Roomson level one.
    • Study Support Room C is near the Library helpdesk,  Study Support Room A and Study Support Room B are next to the Accessibility Centre. 
    • Booking: you can book these rooms, for three hours a day.
    • Note: You need to log in within 15 minutes of your booking slot otherwise MYPC will release the slot for the next user to log in to the computer.
  • If you are working in a group then the group study pod one has an adjustable table - for more details and to book see the Group Study Pods entry below.
  • We have a lift and moving platform that gives access to all levels of the Library space

Group study area

  • Based on level one, this area is for groups to meet in and study or work together. The area includes whiteboards. 

Group study pods

  • We have three group study pods located in the group study area: 
    • Pod one seats four (has an adjustable table)
    • Pod two seats four
    • Pod three seats eight
  • Pods include display screens and you can borrow a display port, HDMI or VGA cables from the Library helpdesk on level one. Each pod has a video conferencing facility, allowing you to work simultaneously with your colleagues both at home and in the Library.
  • Booking: you need to book in advance. Only Birkbeck students can book the pods.
    • You can book a 30-minute slot to a maximum of two hours per day (to a maximum of seven hours per week). 
    • The first booking is for 9am and the last booking is for 10.30pm. 
    • Please cancel your booking if you no longer need it. 
    • You can use an unbooked pod, but users with bookings take priority. 

Individual Study areas

  • We have areas for individual study throughout the Library, in particular, levels two, three and four and for silent study a new area on level two, entrance located near the moving platform lift.  

Phone Zone

  • If you need to make or take a phone call while in the Library, you should move to this area, which is near the toilets on level one. 

Silent study area

  • This is on level two, the entrance is located near the moving platform lift. 



  • These are on levels one and two. 
  • The computers in room 107 are on level one.
  • You can access computers in workstation rooms across Birkbeck, outside of the Library, check to see which workstation rooms are available and the number of computers that are free for you to use.
  • You can also bring your own mobile devices and use Eduroam the Wi-Fi network available for Birkbeck staff and students.
  • The Walk-In Access PC is located on level two, at the opposite end to the lift, and overlooking Torrington Square. This is for guests and visitors to search the internet and a limited number of our digital resources. 

Printing, photocopying and scanning

  • Photocopiers are on level one, most are near the Training Room in the group study area. 
  • Our photocopiers can: 
    • make A4 and A3 copies in black and white and in colour 
    • make reduced or enlarged copies 
    • print in black and white or in colour
    • scan (this service is free, but you will need credit on your printing account. You can store scans on your USB.)
    • staple your printing, select this function before printing
  • Costs of copying/printing 
    • 5p per sheet for black and white A4 
    • 25p per sheet for colour A4 
    • 10p per sheet for black and white A3 
    • 50p per sheet for colour A3  
  • How to pay 
  • Logging in to the photocopiers 
    • You can log in using your Birkbeck ID card or by entering your Birkbeck username and password. 
    • Visitors should ask for a visitor account at the Library helpdesk on level one.
  • Wireless printing: you can print via your mobile device.
  • Further help: there are guides for printing, photocopying, scanning and stapling next to the photocopiers on level one. 

Self-service units for borrowing/returning items

  • You can use a self-service unit to borrow or return items, located on the ground floor.