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Fake or Real News? (Digital Information Skills Workshop)

Venue: Online

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Critical thinking is a vital skill for the work place and everyday life, particularly as being online more means we are exposed to lots of information. In this free workshop, we will introduce how you can engage with information critically and evaluate different arguments.

Content includes:

  • What are critical thinking skills?
  • How to spot fake news.
  • Discussing fact vs. opinion.
  • How to cross-check information.
  • Tools to support dicsussions online and with friends and family.

Certificate of participation from Birkbeck included.


Who is this event for?
The workshops will be relaxed, interactive and requires no prior experience - whether you've just started using computers or have been online for a while.

This event is for those who have not been to university as we will be covering skills that are used when studying there.


Accessibility information
Please contact us in advance of the event at with your accessibility requirements so that we can ensure you will be able to get the most from this event.

You will need to fill out a form in order to sign up for this event so please add details here too.


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