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In common with all universities, it is necessary for Birkbeck to process the personal data of many individuals in order to carry out its mission. We take our responsibilities to process data transparently, fairly, lawfully, safely and securely very seriously - and this page is part of our efforts to inform individuals about what we are doing in this regard.

Our Data Protection Policy governs our overall approach to data protection, which is overseen by our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

If you are in any doubt you may .

About our processing and our privacy notices

Birkbeck has many different types of relationship with many different groups of people, and some people have more than one relationship with Birkbeck (for example, one person may be both a student and member of staff). It is not possible to provide one single privacy notice that accurately describes all these processing activities. Therefore separate notices are provided that describe each processing activity.

It should be noted that more than one privacy notice may apply to the processing of your personal data for different purposes. This should be made clear to you at the point where your personal data is collected. It should also be clearly described in the privacy notice itself. All our privacy notices are available below.

Our privacy notices each explain how Birkbeck collects, uses and shares personal data and your rights in relation to the personal data that we hold for a given purpose. It includes a description of the purpose of processing, information about how personal data is used, our lawful bases for processing, how long it is retained for, and the nature of any processing by other data processors or controllers.

Your rights

If your personal data is processed by Birkbeck you have a number of rights in relation to that processing. You will find these rights set out in the relevant privacy notices. For more information and guidance please .

My privacy control

Privacy notices

The following privacy notices describe how we process personal data in the course of undertaking our core functions. If you think any privacy notices are missing, please .

ID Version date Processing purposes covered Scope
BBKPN001.2 21 August 2019 Admissions and study For people who wish to study at Birkbeck, are in the process of study at Birkbeck, or who have finished study at Birkbeck (commonly referred to as applicants, students and former students).
BBKPN002.1 26 June 2018 Keeping in touch For the purpose of keeping in touch with people who want to hear about opportunities and events at Birkbeck. In particular this includes marketing to prospective students who may wish to study at Birkbeck.

24 May 2018

Visitors to our website and online self-service applications

Our use of monitoring facilities to track your use of our public websites (such as and online services (such as My Birkbeck, Moodle, Panopto).


4 October 2021

Friends, alumni and donors How we collect, use and share personal data and your rights in relation to information we hold about our alumni.

25 May 2018


In order to carry out its duties as an employer, Birkbeck must collect and process data relating to its staff. This privacy notice explains how we collect, use and share your personal data and your rights in relation to your information.


26 June 2018

IT User Account

For the purpose of providing IT user accounts (Birkbeck accounts).


26 June 2018

Library user

For the purpose of using library services.


26 June 2018


For the purpose of operating a managed process to receive, record and resolve queries from enquirers.


11 December 2018


For the purpose of conducting research for the benefit of society.


11 December 2018

Birkbeck Talent

For the purpose of Birkbeck Talent - Birkbeck’s specialist recruitment consultancy.


17 March 2019


For the purpose of organising, booking and attending events.


28 May 2019

Payment Gateway

For the purpose of processing online payments.


30 July 2019


For the purpose of promoting College activities and student life.


30 July 2019

Student research

For the purpose of representing research students and their research.


18 December 2020

Research Excellence Framework (REF2021)

For the purpose of the College taking part in the periodic national evaluation of research quality, REF.


16 September 2021

Birkbeck Futures

For the purpose of Birkbeck Futures


29 September 2018


For the purpose of providing Birkbeck students with access to Studiosity. 


29 March 2023

Access and Engagement

For the purpose of widening access services, delivered by the Access and Engagement department

Records retention

The length of time we hold your data is set out in each of the relevant privacy notices. The retention periods are different for different purposes - please note that the same data may be processed for different purposes with different retention periods. In these cases, the longest retention period will apply.

Data processors used by Birkbeck

The College uses a number of carefully selected third parties to provide services on its behalf. In some cases, this requires some elements of the data we hold about you to be passed to them for the express purpose of providing a service to you on our behalf. In each case, a data sharing agreement is in place that prevents the third party from making any use of the data provided for any purpose other than that expressly agreed and requiring the provider to securely destroy the data once the service has been provided.

Processors used include, but are not limited to:

Processor Purpose
University of London Production of degree certificates
Catalyst IT Europe Limited SaaS hosting (Moodle)
Unit4 Business Software Ltd. SaaS hosting (Business World)
Microsoft Office 365
Google Inc. Google apps
Euclid Ltd.

ID card production and fulfilment

Global Payments Inc. Online card payment services
Explorance Inc. Student module evaluation surveys (Blue)

Complaints and suggestions

If you are unhappy with the College’s handling of your personal data or believe that the requirements of GDPR may not be fully complied with, you should contact the College’s Data Protection Officer in the first instance. You may also follow the College’s formal complaint procedure, and you have the right to submit a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.