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This Is Who I Am: LGBTQI+ Experiences of the UK Asylum Process

Venue: Online

"Then they separated us. We tried to say no, we applied for asylum as a couple. They say we don’t have any civil evidence that we are a couple. And we’re like - how can we show you any civil evidence if homosexuality is forbidden in my country?”

Read by actors and performers, This Is Who I Am is a piece of documentary theatre sharing first-hand accounts of LGBTQI+ people seeking asylum about their experiences on arrival in the UK, the impact of the hostile environment and the particular challenges they face.

ice&fire are a theatre company dedicated to exploring human rights stories through performance, putting human rights at the core of everything they do to make accessible theatre for a wide range ofaudiences across the UK.

The Actors For Human Rights project is ice&fire’s campaigning programme, presenting readings of first hand accounts of people’s experiences relating to a range of human rights themes.

The reading will be followed by a short panel discussion and Q&A with:

Sebastian Aguirre, Director – Actors for Human Rights
Dr Monish Bhatia, Lecturer in Criminology, Birkbeck
Stuart Meyers, Asylum Case Worker, Rainbow Migration
Moud Goba, National Manager, Micro Rainbow 

This event is hosted by the Department of Criminology at Birkbeck. It is open to the public and free to access on Zoom, however booking is required via this page. If you have any access needs, please get in touch so we can facilitate your full participation. 


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