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Creativity for research: developing creative solutions to research challenges and roadblocks

Venue: Online

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 The aim of this professional development workshop is to help researchers understand the place of creative thinking in academic research and how to develop easy, simple, and personal strategies to develop creative solutions to research problems.

Doing research is a continuous effort to overcome challenges, roadblocks, and dead-ends. From the initial difficulty in identifying a research project, to struggles in conceptualizing the phenomenon adequately, to stumbling on apparently unsurmountable methodological issues, failing to derive meaningful patterns from data, turning in circles when writing the discussion, or being incapable of adequately revamping the manuscript during the review process, the possibilities to get stuck in a research project are endless.

Many of us are tempted to power through roadblocks, sitting down for long hours to get them done. Yet, research and practice both show that we overcome complex research problems by approaching them creatively.  More often than not, “Aha” moments do not happen if you lock yourself in a room with your problems. Taking a step back and looking at the roadblocks from a different angle is the fastest, most effective and more fun way of getting our research projects to an end.

What will you get from participating in this workshop?

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Understand the centrality of creative thinking in doing academic research.
  • Recognize non-effective patterns in your research work.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to engage creatively with challenging research problems.
  • Start building personalized creative habits and routines that suit you and that will help you feel more creative and productive during the day.

In addition, the first fifteen registered participants in the workshop will be offered for free the Activate your creative DNA toolkit, a deck of 28 visually engaging cards used during the workshop forming a very useful tool to continuously maintain and enhance your creativity when doing research. Purchasing this toolkit would cost £50.

Who is this workshop for?

All interested Birkbeck faculty members will benefit from participating in this workshop. However, early career faculty and research staff who have completed their PhD and holding post-doc positions or lectureships will particularly benefit from participating.

Where and when will this workshop take place?

This workshop will take place online on Thursday 10 November 2022 from 11am until 1pm. Joining instructions will be sent to registered participants via email.

How do I register?

To register for the workshops, follow the link at the top of this page.

Workshop Facilitator

Dr Ieva Martinaityte is Assistant Professor at University of East Anglia, the founder of Creativity Lab, and author of D!P™ method and toolkit. For the past 13 years, I have been researching creative performance in individuals and teams. Finding original and valuable ideas helped me publish in world-leading research outlets listed in Top 30 by Financial Times. Practicing D!P™ method daily helped me to sustain creative energy for the past two years. The result of which I am sharing with you. The secret of creativity is not in your worktime, but in your downtime. Give yourself permission to join this workshop.

Testimonials from similar events that Ieva delivered.

“I came to the workshop searching for creative techniques but got a much holistic approach – a framework and strategies for creative development for myself and my team. My expectations exceeded.” Director and member of the board.

“Loved the evidenced based content, authentic and practical method. The workshop was like a breath of fresh air.” Head of marketing projects.

“As a creative writer I was encouraged by your research as regards employer perception on creativity and I thought you negotiated creative impulse within a modern work culture in a grounded yet inspiring way.” Creative content writer

“Of this engaging session I particularly enjoyed the section on the ‘paradoxes of creativity’ on human tendencies around the creative process in a social context that are seemingly contradictory. I hope I’m fortunate enough to get to attend another of Ieva’s talks again in the not-too-distant future!” Maths Masters graduate.

The context for the workshop

The workshop is part of professional development series on the following six topics:

1. Thursday 6/7 October 2022 - Academic isolation and why it matters
2. Thursday 10 November 2022 - Creativity for research: developing creative solutions to research challenges and roadblocks
3. Thursday 8 December 2022 - Networking for researchers: strategies to develop helpful research relationships
4. Thursday 12 January 2023 - Communicating about your research: strategies to develop your reputation in your research community
5. Thursday 9 February 2023 - Together we are stronger: why and how to develop your own research collective
6. Thursday 9 March 2023 - Seizing the helping research hand: leveraging your research community’s integration systems

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