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Our staff

Staff categories 

These are our Birkbeck staff categories within the Department of Philosophy. 

Head of Department and Assistant Dean

Academic staff

Emeritus staff 

  • Professor Dorothy Edgington: Dorothy Edgington is a Senior Research Fellow and Fellow of the British Academy. Dorothy works mainly in philosophical logic, particularly on conditionals, counterfactual reasoning, probabilistic reasoning and vagueness. She is currently involved in a project on probabilities, propensities and conditionals at the Institute of Philosophy. She supervises research students working on conditionals, vagueness and indeterminacy, ontology, self-knowledge and emotions. .
  • Professor Samuel Guttenplan
  • Professor Anthony Price: Anthony Price came to Birkbeck as a lecturer in 1995, was soon promoted to reader and subsequently to professor. His work in Greek philosophy strives to do justice to the texts, but is always primarily philosophical in its goals, which are to increase our self-understanding as ethical agents through interpreting the texts in ways that attend to the details of their arguments and formulations, attempting to make the best and most fruitful sense of these. His principal research interests are in Greek ethics and moral psychology, and in contemporary ethics. .
  • Professor David-Hillel Ruben: David-Hillel Ruben has a BA from Dartmouth College (USA) and a PhD from Harvard University. He began his career at the University of Edinburgh as tutor and subsequently has held lectureships at Glasgow, Essex, and City universities. He was made a professor at the LSE in 1994 and has been at Birkbeck on a part-time basis since 2004. His research interests are in philosophy of the social sciences, philosophy of action and metaphysics. He has published books on Marxism, social holism and individualism, explanation, and action. 

Visiting and affiliated academics

  • Dr Hugh Lawson-Tancred
  • Dr Simon May: Simon May's interests lie in ethics, philosophy of the emotions, questions of identity and belonging, and German nineteenth- and twentieth-century thought, especially the work of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Heidegger. He is also a devotee of the aphoristic form. He is editor of Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morality: A Critical Guide and co-editor of Nietzsche on Freedom and Autonomy. Outside academic philosophy, he has written op-ed articles for newspapers such as The Washington Post and the Financial Times. 
  • Dr Christian Onof: Christian Onof’s first degree and PhD are in Mathematics and Engineering; he has an MA and a PhD in Philosophy from Birkbeck College and University College London respectively. His main research interests are in the Philosophy of Kant, the Hard Problem of Consciousness, Free Will and Existentialism. He has published in the Philosophical Review, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Kant Studien, Kantian Review, Kant Yearbook. He is co-founder of the journal Episteme and Area Editor for 18th and 19th Century German Philosophy at the Internet Encyclopedia of PhilosophyVisit Christian Onof's website
  • Anthony Savile
  • Professor John Skorupski: John Skorupski is Professor Emeritus of Moral Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. His current interests are in moral and political philosophy, meta-ethics and epistemology, and the history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophy. He is working on a book with the provisional title Late Modern Ethics 1800–1975.
  • Dr Gudrun Von Tevenar
  • Dr Steph Marston
  • Professor Barry C. Smith: Professor Barry C. Smith is Director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London’s School of Advanced Study, before which he was a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Birkbeck. He is a philosopher of language and mind, and his current research is on the multisensory nature of perceptual experience, focusing on taste, smell and flavour. His latest collaborative research has been focused on Covid-19 and smell loss. Barry has written theoretical and experimental papers, publishing in Nature, Food Quality and Preference, Chemical Senses and Flavour. In 2007, he edited Questions of Taste: the philosophy of wine (OUP). Barry is a frequent broadcaster, whose contributions have frequently appeared on BBC, in The World of Fine Wine, and in Prospect Magazine. He regularly collaborates with chefs and artists and consults widely for the food and drinks industry in the UK and internationally. As recently noted in the Springer Handbook of Eating and Drinking, Barry Smith's 'interdisciplinary and inter-sectorial research collaborations address factors that impact the experience of eating, our health, and wellbeing. Eating, including the provision of food and the consumption of food, is the biggest industry in the world, and a major contributor to our health, and to our enjoyment. .
  • Dr Raamy Majeed: Raamy Majeed is a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland. Prior to this, he was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge (as a member of Tim Crane's Templeton Foundation project, 'New Directions in the Study of Mind'). He has also worked as a lecturer at the University of Otago, Lehigh University and the Open University. His primary research interests are in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. He is also interested in aesthetics, metaphysics and philosophy of race. Visit Raamy Majeed's website.

Professional and Support Staff