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Our research students

Student nameStudent research programmeSupervisor(s)Thesis title
Jonathan BaileyOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Kevin Teoh
Understanding work intensity in emergency care
Nicola BenthamOrganizational PsychologyUracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Vanessa Iwowo
Re-examining organizational change and the role of the ideal worker - an intersectional approach to inclusivity in the UK not-for-profit sector
Isabel BeydagOrganizational PsychologyVanessa Iwowo
Rebecca Whiting
Alexandra Beauregard
How intellectual activism and academic agency is shaped by the evolution of intellectualism and neoliberalism
James BrookOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Helen Lawton Smith
How digital technology entrepreneurs experience their start-up journey
Manista CooshnaOrganizational PsychologyKevin Teoh
Alexandra Beauregard
Well-being of healthcare workers in the private healthcare sector
Jessica DarkOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Harriet Tannenbaum*
'We Make Work, Work for Us': Understanding inclusive work environments as informed by autistic business owners
Eduardo Deiss DiasOrganizational PsychologyJulie Dickinson*
Caroline Kamau-Mitchell
The psychological determinants of job application dishonesty
Ebere Dike-UgwuOrganizational PsychologyGeorge Michaelides*
Almuth McDowall
How social and organisational factors can influence the quality of knowledge sharing
Adrian EaglesonOrganizational PsychologyMartin McCracken*
Rebecca Whiting
Investigating Human Resource Development (HRD) value in a post-crisis context: Stakeholder perceptions following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)
Carolann EdwardsOrganizational PsychologyCaroline Kamau-Mitchell
Christopher Dewberry*
Envied in the workplace: envy attribution and response
Roger FaggOrganizational PsychologyKatrina Pritchard*
Rebecca Whiting
Investigating the experience and identity of volunteers managing/supervising other volunteers
Paula FitzgeraldOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Katrina Pritchard*
Turning pointe: The lived experience of an embodied occupational identity
Verity HannellOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowallInvestigating mental health in the workplace, focusing on the clinically untrained employee, using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Jessica HobbsOrganizational PsychologyAlexandra Beauregard
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Exploring paternal leave journeys with particular focus on fathers' mental wellbeing
Aly KelleherOrganizational PsychologyGeorge Michaelides*
Libby Drury
Employees' Eudaimonic and Hedonic motives: Explaining their task perceptions, autonomous motivation, and persistence in their daily actions
Sara KhalilOrganizational PsychologyYi-Ling Lai
David Gamblin
Towards ideal-self clarity through coaching
Meg KiselevaOrganizational PsychologyChristopher Dewberry*
Kevin Teoh
Individual differences in decision making and their relevance to career outcomes
Ben MorrisOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Nancy Doyle
The Neuro-Divergent Concept of ‘Fit’
Margaret OchiengOrganizational PsychologyVanessa Iwowo
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Examining the undertaking of anti-racism work in UK organisations
James PriestleyOrganizational PsychologyAndreas Liefooghe*
Alexandra Beauregard
The other side of paradox: Lacan and the manager's desire
Megan RamsellOrganizational PsychologyRashpal Dhensa- Kahlon
Kevin Teoh
An investigation of the relationships between stigma, psychosocial working conditions and post-traumatic growth following extra-organisational trauma
Meredith Scott JonesOrganizational PsychologyRebecca Whiting
Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Vanessa Iwowo
Exploring the impact of diversity discourses on the knowledge production of employees
Jane SettenOrganizational PsychologyUracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya
Katrina Pritchard*
The changing role of public sector accountants in the UK
Marianna SidiropoulouOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Susie Orbach*
Women in leadership: An internal glass ceiling?
Lucinda SoonOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Kevin Teoh
Identity and meaningfulness at work on lawyers' career motivations and well-being
Aishwarya SrinivasanOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Nancy Doyle
Coaching as a reasonable adjustment for neurodivergence in the workplace
Mark StringerOrganizational PsychologyAndreas Liefooghe*
Alexandra Beauregard
What do you want from me? Understanding jouissance, desire and lack in employee engagement
Greg SwayslandOrganizational PsychologyAlmuth McDowall
Rebecca Whiting
Disability Confidence - what is it and how can we achieve and measure it? A dyadic model that replaces the social and medical models of disability
Gintare VisockaiteOrganizational PsychologyKevin Teoh
Andreas Liefooghe*
Negative behaviour, workplace bullying and outcomes in Russian workplaces: The contextual role of collectivist values and autocratic leadership
Shireen WalkerOrganizational PsychologyLibby Drury
Alexandra Beauregard
Workplace incivilities affecting older, childfree, working women

*External supervisor