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Our research

Our department is internationally renowned for its critical and interdisciplinary research on legal and socio-legal theory. The pursuit of innovative research lies at the heart of our activities, feeding into our teaching programmes and informing our interactions with policy-makers, public bodies, the legal profession and criminal justice practitioners, NGOs, campaign and pressure groups, and the wider public. We are committed to critically studying the production and enforcement of law, taking into account its political and social contexts, as a means of effecting social change and promoting social justice.

Our research pivots around a number of key thematic clusters spanning the School of Law’s two departments of Law and Criminology. Amongst these, we have burgeoning strengths in research on law and technologies, environmental law, critical commercial studies (consumer law and banking), law and political economy, law and postcolonialism, and criminal justice and intersectionality (race, gender and sexuality).

We also host a number of high-profile research centres and  participate in Birkbeck-wide Centres, Institutes and Networks, which support and promote the cross-fertilisation of scholarship across the College.



OTHER RELEVANT Research centres and networks