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HCA in focus

In HCA we are committed to producing engaging and accessible research aimed at shaping both academic and public debate and making a difference in the world.


Our large research projects all organise impact-generating activities, for example, Hidden Persuaders’ work with schools or SHaME’s festivals of activism against sexual violence organised together with WOW.

We work with a range of partners and engage with diverse stakeholders in four main areas as demonstrated by our impact case studies below and many other projects. Our partners come from across the museum and heritage sector, schools, learned societies, national and local charities and NGOs, think tanks and government departments.


We collaborate with teachers and schools, to inform curricula, offer resources, and provide training. We have run over 20 workshops in schools on migration, protest, online psychological manipulation, energy consumption, religious radicalism, and archaeological artefacts.

Since 2016 we have set up the Birkbeck History Teachers Network for secondary school teachers who study/studied in HCA from the Greater London area. We put resources in the public domain for the specific use of schools (e.g. ‘Exploring and teaching twentieth-century history’, with the Historical Association).

Impact case studies