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Distance/Blended Learning

We've been continuously offering a geology education since 1840, making us one of the oldest providers in London. We've also been offering distance and blended learning since the late 1990s, with all of our part-time undergraduate degrees and certificates in higher education, and some of our postgraduate courses, available for face-to-face evening study in central London or via distance learning.

Our philosophy of teaching is that we can fit our degree around your lifestyle, rather than you trying to fit your life around our degrees. This means you can attend 100% of classes in person, 100% online, or any mixture of the two (blended learning).

How distance learning works

We deliver distance learning through a wide range of technologies and channels. Video streaming is used for lectures and practicals, together with full digital lecture notes of maps, diagrams and data  - learn more about this approach.

Courses available via distance learning

Find out more about each course - what it covers, how it's structured and how to apply for the distance learning option - from the linked prospectus pages.

Undergraduate degrees

Postgraduate degree

Certificates in Higher Education