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Sport Governance


Module description

This module examines the internal governance structures of sport organisations and in particular, the board of the organisation. The board is, in principle, the key internal governance mechanism of an organisation and this module will introduce a range of key issues faced by boards of sport organisations and identify challenges that they face. Critically, it will consider whether the governance structures are appropriate to enable sport organisations to carry out their core management and regulatory functions.

The module employs various theoretical perspectives relating to corporate governance theory and considers the relevance of these to the governance of sport organisations.

indicative module content

  • What is governance and why is it an important issue for sport organisations?
  • The role and responsibilities of the board
  • Board size, composition and recruitment
  • Strategic planning and the board
  • Board evaluation
  • UEFA case study
  • FIFA case study
  • The Organisation of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Group presentations - case study report

    Learning objectives

    By the end of this module, you will be able to:

    • discuss theories underpinning corporate governance and how these theories apply to sport organisations
    • consider how sport governance has been an area of increasing policy focus
    • discuss the increasing focus on the board within the UK sport industry and in the context of the modernisation agenda
    • appreciate the importance of governance within the context of three of the world’s leading international sport governing bodies: UEFA, FIFA, and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).