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Counselling and Psychotherapy courses at Birkbeck (CPB)

CPB is a cluster of courses which offers:

  • trainings in counselling and psychotherapy
  • courses in applying psychoanalytic ideas to work settings, organisations and human development

Background information

  • First counselling training established in 1972
  • Located in a prestigious academic department
  • Excellent reputation with employers
  • Study of group and organisational dynamics alongside clinical practice
  • Distinctive multidisciplinary psychosocial perspective
  • Pre-clinical and clinical courses
  • Specialist trainings in Child and Adolescent Counselling/Psychotherapy
  • Day time and evening courses

List of programmes

Accrediting organisations

Teaching Staff

    • Teachers  are senior and experienced clinicians
    • Teachers are research-active

Selection of recent publications by staff

Which Course is right for me?

“I have no previous experience and want to see whether counselling/psychotherapy is for me.”

"I want to study counselling/psychotherapy as part of a wider understanding of society."

“I  want a course that will teach me a variety of counselling/therapeutic approaches.”

“I am interested in learning to apply psychoanalytic ideas to work settings and organisations.”

“I want to understand human development.”

“I want to train as a psychodynamic counsellor or psychotherapist.”

“I want to train to work with Children, Adolescents and their families.”