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Imogen Aylen

BSc Psychology  

'I initially enrolled on a short course in psychology, after a friend recommended it to me, but then  realised you could compile your credits to join the second year of a BSc degree.

'The flexibility of the evening lectures was an attraction to me in choosing a place of study. Without this flexibility I wouldn’t have been able to work and fund my course.

'Birkbeck has a good reputation, and during the course I became aware that it has a very good research reputation within the field of psychology. There is a lot of live research going on, which definitely bolstered my motivation for the course.

'What I really love about Birkbeck is that I have made friends with lots of different people, and everyone came to the course with different life experiences and reasons for doing the course, so there was a real sense of comradeship as everyone was juggling various things in their life, such as work, or full-time caring responsibilities. I don’t think you get that in other universities to quite the same extent. Studying at Birkbeck has definitely changed me as a person. I suppose it’s integral to a journey that I’m on to change my career, so to have found something that I’m really passionate about and feel like I have a future in, is very special. Birkbeck is part of that, and without it I wouldn’t have discovered and learnt as much as I have.

'I had a really good relationship with my supervisor in my final year and came back recently as a teaching assistant on one of the final year courses, which is great experience.

'A subject like psychology has ramifications for your life because you can’t help but learn stuff about yourself and about how the world works and reflect on things in a different way. For my new career it’s given me a depth of understanding and a new perspective. Although I’d done research before, scientific research and statistical skills are very different, it’s even helped me understand scientific articles in the newspaper better.

'At the time I came to Birkbeck I felt stuck in terms of my career, so Birkbeck really did unlock a future for me. Eventually I’m hoping to apply for the clinical doctorate in psychology.

'I recommend Birkbeck to lots of people and people do ask me whether I would recommend it, and yes I would, because you get good teaching and its flexible.'

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'There is a lot of live research going on, which definitely bolstered my motivation for the course.'