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Do you have life experience but no formal qualifications?

Birkbeck started out as a College specifically for adults like you – able people, with life experience but, as yet, no formal qualifications. Our programmes are designed for you.

You have several options:

  • Our four year BSc Psychology welcomes applications from adults who may not have formal qualifications but who can demonstrate through other means that they will successfully complete our degree. What’s important is that you tell us about the experience you bring that demonstrates you are ready and capable of completing the degree. Have a look at our advice on writing a successful application for further information and contact us for advice if at all unsure.
    • To gain a place on the four years BSc we would usually expect students to have GCSE maths and English (or the equivalent). However, students who do not have these - but who demonstrate the potential to successfully complete the degree - may still be offered a place. They will study on a pathway called ‘Route 1A’ for the first year of the BSc. Courses on this pathway are taught in small, interactive classes. This ensures students develop the maths, academic English and study skills to complete the degree. Once they finish their first year, students from Route 1A progress to the second year of the 4 year BSc Psychology, studying with the other 4 year BSc programme students in larger lecture-based courses.
    • Another option for you would be to start your studies on our Certificate programme. This allows you to start your studies at your own pace with lots of support to build your skills and confidence. The courses you complete may be used as credit towards the first year of your degree. If you complete the necessary modules you may progress directly onto the second year of:
  • BSc Psychology (whether you are transferred to the first or second year of the degree will depend on which courses you’ve completed and your grades. If you achieve grades of 50+% in all the relevant courses you may apply to the second year of the part-time degree)
  • BSc Social Sciences
  • Foundation Degree in Psychology for Education Professionals.

Have a look at our advice on transferring credit between programmes for further details and contact us for advice if at all unsure.