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Fees and funding

The fees for each course can be found on the relevant programme page.

The department attracts significant funding, and details of studentships and other funding opportunities for 2017/18 are outlined here.

Undergraduate funding

Postgraduate funding

MPhil/PhD funding

  • ESRC funding: Birkbeck is part of the UBEL ESRC DTP, in a consortium including UCL, SOAS, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and University of East London.

    Applications are student led, but in practice are joint with the supervisor. This means that proactivity by supervisors will be rewarded. Go out and find a good student, develop a project! The initial application involves a 2 page expression of interest, describing the student profile, supervisor experience, and intended project. Applications are via UBEL's own portal (see, and the deadline is 9th January 2018. Expressions of interest will be triaged, and a subset of students will be invited to make full applications by the end of February (since the full application process is time consuming, the triage is intended to save everyone time by ensuring all full applications are competitive. Last year, after triage, the chance of success for full applications was 25%). Decisions will be communicated to the students by mid-April.

    UBEL also runs a scheme for collaborative / co-funded studentships, involving an external partner who contribute training and either do or do not contribute funding. These applications are supervisor / project led. If successful, the supervisor then recruits the student. Last year, the majority of these applications were funded, so chances are quite good. The deadline for applications is 30 November (
  • Bloomsbury Colleges studentship scheme. Deadline Oct 16. Application by faculty for specific project. Requires co-applicant from other Bloomsbury College (or UCL-IOE). Details of this scheme are below.
  • LiDO BBRSC studentships: for these, you need to contribute possible projects, and offer short-training courses for "rotations". Students complete two rotations in their first year of a 4-year PhD. If the student subsequently chooses your lab, they will join you for the remaining 3 years. Details are appended below and relevant forms attached. The deadline for applications is 19 January 2018. See
  • MRC UCL-Birkbeck Doctoral Training Partnership: Students to undertake MRC-relevant projects can apply to the MRC UCL-Birkbeck DTP . Applications are now open for October 2018 entry and the application deadline is: Friday 12 January 2018 (5pm). Further details about the psychology themes. You must have registered as a potential supervisor in the scheme (i.e., in receipt of MRC funding).
    The MRC DTP is running a CASE scheme this year (awards in collaboration with an external partner). Full details and how to apply, with deadlines are given on the MRC website.
  • Graduate Training Assistant: These are 4-year departmental positions, combining PhD study and teaching, usually covering home fees and offering a part-time teaching salary. The department has not yet determined whether any GTA positions will be offered for the coming year. Further information to follow.
  • Fee waivers awards. There may be (home) fee waiver awards this year, but budgets are typically not confirmed until early spring. Awards are made by the Postgraduate Research Committee once availability is confirmed. Candidates for whom fee waivers may make the difference between doing/not doing a PhD are encouraged to contact the postgraduate tutor. As with studentships, academic merit is the primary criterion for these awards. As a rule of thumb, fee waivers tend not to be awarded for part-time study, because completion rates have been poor for this combination in the past.