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Accommodation for part-time students

Most halls of residence cater only for full-time students, so part-time students can choose to rent in the private sector, flat-share or Homestay (stay with a family). 

If you are trying to find privately rented accommodation, your first step should be to visit the website of the University of London’s Housing Services (ULHS), which is based in Student Central, next door to our main building on Malet Street. 

As a Birkbeck student, you can benefit from the ULHS legal advice and contract check services, and access their housing database and their student flat-sharing message board.

The ULHS also provides information on the right to rent check, implemented since 1 February 2016.

Living with a host family via Homestay can also be a very practical option, particularly if you are a student new to London and are looking to improve your English language skills.