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Department of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London

National Student Survey (NSS)

A survey for all final year students, the NSS results are published nationally and will help to shape the future of Birkbeck.

International scholarships

We offer a number of scholarships specifically for international students. Some are offered directly by Birkbeck; others are offered in partnership with other organisations.

Funding for Research Students

Find out more about the scholarships available for Home and International students

Postgraduate Loans

The Student Loans Company administers the new Postgraduate Loan for Master’s degrees for all eligible students who live in England.

Centre for the Study of British Politics and Public Life

A research centre based in the Department of Politics, the CSBPPL hosts a regular schedule of lectures, seminars and debates.

The European Union at 60

Dr Dermot Hodson in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage on the EU as a problematic prototype for international cooperation.

Eric Kaufmann on Newsnight

Professor Kaufmann discussed the role of racism in current politics.

The Institutions of the European Union, 4th edition

A new book by Dr Dermot Hodson examines the changing politics of the European Union’s institutions.

Westminster Watch: Episodes 28 and 29

Dr Dermot Hodson and Dr Ben Worthy discuss industrial policy, Theresa May's first six months as PM, defence policy and Blair's anti-Brexit campaign.

Parliamentary Studies class makes annual visit to Westminster

Birkbeck class visits with MPs in Westminster

New book Concepts in World Politics out now

With chapters by Dr Alex Colas and Dr Antoine Bousquet


Westminster Watch Vodcast