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Professor Moores inspires sixth form girls with her talk on careers in science

Professor Carolyn Moores shares what it takes to have a successful career in science.

In mid November Professor Carolyn Moores gave a talk on careers in science at Virgo Fidelis Senior Girls School, a specialist mathematics and computing school and sixth form in south east London. The talk was part of the school’s Science Week, a new event organised by enthusiastic science staff who wanted to inspire their students by allowing them to experience both the excitement of lab experiments and to consider the role of science outside the classroom.

Professor Moores led a lunchtime discussion with a group of A level students looking at careers in science and discussing how the skills associated with science are broadly applicable to many different walks of life. She highlighted attributes and attitudes that would help the girls succeed, whatever their chosen careers: namely hard work and self-confidence, finding a job they loved and developing a support group of peers and mentors to help with career planning. She also spoke about the joy of scientific discovery, an essential motivator when faced with the challenge of research setbacks.

Professor Moores explained why she’d been keen to participate in the school’s Science Week: 'I am very grateful for the excellent start to my academic career I received at school (, so I was excited to visit another girls' school to encourage the next generation of science investigators.'

Professor Moores’ talk is one of several outreach activities, organised by the Department of Biological Sciences, to connect the world of scientific research with a broader audience.

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