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Learning development and academic skills

We offer a range of workshops, classes, activities and tutorials (in person and online) to help you fulfill your academic potential.

Birkbeck Learning Skills Moodle Module

  • We have developed a module in Moodle that introduces students and staff to learning development and academic skills at Birkbeck. It contains contact details for all of the Learning Development Tutors (in Schools and the Centre) as well as information about what they can help with.
  • The module is being developed to include materials that will help students develop their academic skills. All students will automatically be enrolled on the module. Staff are able to self-enrol on the module.
  • View the Birkbeck Learning Skills Moodle module

Academic Development Workshops

  • There are a wide variety of academic development workshops available to students across the College. Some of these are offered by the Centre for Transformative Practice in Learning and Teaching and others by Schools.
  • Some workshops are available to all enrolled students while others are specifically for undergraduates or postgraduates. Students can enroll online. There is normally no charge for these workshops.
  • View the Academic Development Workshop Calendar

Academic Writing Days

  • Once a term we hold an all-day event to help you to develop your academic writing skills. Some sessions are offered to all students in lecture-style, while others are smaller workshop-based events.
  • In 2015/2016 the writing days will be held on:
    • Saturday 21 November 2015 (undergraduate): general skills related to writing (including basic grammar, note making, referencing software, different types of writing for assignments etc.).
    • Saturday 20 February 2016 (undergraduate): learning to reference and cite sources properly.
    • Saturday 14 May 2016 (postgraduate): postgraduate writing skills.
  • You will need to book onto each of the workshops separately through the Academic Development Calendar. Workshops become available approximately two weeks before the event. If you search the calendar for the specific date of the Academic Writing Day you will be able to see what is available - you'll need your username and password to book.

Postgraduate Student Support

  • The work of Learning Development Tutors in Schools is mainly limited to undergraduates, with a number of Schools focusing on first year undergraduates.
  • Postgraduate students needing support can access most of the Academic Development workshops and there are a number that are specifically for postgraduates. They are also welcome to book individual tutorials by emailing or to make use of the drop-in sessions for maths and English language support.

Individual Tutorials

  • During term time we offer students a one-to-one advice session to assist with academic skills such as planning workloads, writing, reading, exam preparation.
  • Sessions last for 45 minutes. Only one session may be booked at a time. Availability of repeat sessions may be limited due to demand.
  • To book a session students should email Learning Skills.

English Language Drop-in Help Sessions

  • During term time we offer English language drop-in assistance for students who need to improve their academic English language skills.
  • These sessions are for all students, including English as a first language speakers. Drop-in sessions are held during term-time on Tuesdays (term 1) 4.30pm-6pm, on Thursdays (terms 2 and 3) 4.30pm-6pm and on Saturdays (terms 1, 2 and 3) 2.30pm-4.30pm in the Student Services Centre.

Maths and Statistics Drop-in Help Sessions

  • During term time we offer drop-in help sessions for basic Maths and Statistics help. These one-to-one drop-in help sessions are to help students apply numerical, algebraic or simple statistical techniques to problems in their own subject area.
  • Students needing support in more advanced mathematical techniques such as differential calculus or specific statistical applications should approach their home department for support.
  • The sessions are held on Monday afternoons 4pm-5.30pm in the Student Services Centre.

Interactive Online Tutorials (Get Ahead, Stay Ahead)

  • Birkbeck staff have designed a range of online tutorials to help students with all types of academic skills and personal and professional development skills. Normally the tutorials take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete and should help students diagnose their issues and improve their skills.
  • View the Get Ahead, Stay Ahead tutorials

If you are enrolled on a course in Stratford, you can also get learning support in Stratford.

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