What are ejournals?

The Library has over 33,000 electronic journals (also known as ejournals). These give you the full text of the original article to read on screen, print out or save to disk. Some of them only cover the last 8-10 years, but others go right back to the start of the journal.

How to use the ejournals

  • Enter the name/title of the journal in the search box to see if we have an electronic subscription to it.
  • If you find the ejournal title but cannot access the article you were looking for it could be that we do not have access to that particular volume or issue see Help with using eLibary... or  Interlibrary Loan Service to possibly request the article - free of charge.

To search for a known ejournal


If you are doing a comprehensive literature search, you will need to use bibliographic databases as well, bearing in mind that you won't necessarily have access to the full text of all articles electronically.