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PEP Web (Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing)


What does it cover?

PEP Web contains the searchable full text of a range of over 55 psychoanalytic journals from 1913 - 2013 together with 100 classic psychoanalytic texts, and the Standard Edition of the complete works of Freud in German and English.

The journals included in PEP-Web are listed below. Click here for a list of the books

    • American Imago
    • American Journal of Psychoanalysis
    • L'Annata Psicoanalitica Internazionale
    • L'Année Psychanalytique Internationale
    • Annual of Psychoanalysis
    • Attachment: New Directions in Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis Journal
    • British Journal of Psychotherapy
    • Bulletin of the American Psychoanalytic Association
    • Bulletin of the Anna Freud Centre
    • Bulletin of the International Psycho-Analytical Association
    • Canadian Journal of Psychoanalysis
    • Contemporary Psychoanalysis
    • Couple and Family Psychoanalysis
    • DIVISION/Review
    • Fort Da
    • Free Associations
    • Gender and Psychoanalysis
    • International Forum of Psychoanalysis
    • International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies
    • International Journal of Psycho-Analysis
    • International Journal of Psychoanalysis en Espanol
    • International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology
    • International Review of Psycho-Analysis
    • Internationale Psychoanalyse
    • The Italian Psychoanalytic Annual
    • Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse
    • Journal of Analytical Psychology
    • Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies
    • Journal of Child Psychotherapy
    • Journal of Clinical Psychoanalysis
    • Journal of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
    • Journal of the American Academy of Psychoanalysis
    • Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
    • Modern Psychoanalysis
    • Neuro-Psychoanalysis
    • Organizational and Social Dynamics
    • Progress in Self Psychology
    • Psicoterapia e Scienze Umane
    • Psyche - Zeitschrift für Psychoanalyse
    • Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Science
    • Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Thought
    • Psychoanalysis and History
    • Psychoanalysis, Self and Context
    • Psychoanalytic Dialogues
    • Psychoanalytic Inquiry
    • Psychoanalytic Perspectives
    • Psychoanalytic Psychology
    • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
    • Psychoanalytic Quarterly
    • Psychoanalytic Review
    • Psychoanalytic Social Work
    • Psychoanalytic Study of the Child
    • Psychodynamic Psychiatry
    • Revue Belge de Psychanalyse
    • Revista de Psicoanálisis
    • Rivista di Psicoanalisi
    • Rivista Italiana di Psicoanalisi
    • Scandinavian Psychoanalytic Review
    • Studies in Gender and Sexuality

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