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What does it cover?

  • The Routledge Performance Archive is a developing resource produced in partnership with Digital Theatre, providing unique access to an unprecedented range of audio-visual material from past and present practitioners of performance.  It is a regularly updated collection of streamed video and audio footage with relevant critical commentary.
  • Included here are interviews with key figures in theatre history and contemporary practice; masterclasses with specialist actor trainers from around the world; unique footage direct from the legendary practitioners themselves; excerpted and full-length contemporary productions; and documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences. The video material spans more than fifty years of documented work direct from renowned practitioners and specialists, and ranges across the entire spectrum of theatre topics.
  • The fully searchable and cross-referenced content will be updated each quarter, with exciting additions coming soon from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s National Video Archive of Performance Recordings, and the British Library’s Experimental Theatre and Live Art Collection.

Help with using Routledge Performance Archive?

  • On the home page of this resource, scroll down to the bottom and click on the "Take the tour" link.