Medieval Sources online


What does it cover?

The online version of the Manchester University Press Medieval Sources series which aims to provide translations of key social and political sources. The basic premise of the series is that translations must be accompanied by sufficient introductory and explanatory material and each volume therefore includes a comprehensive guide to the sources' interpretation, including discussion of critical linguistic problems and an assessment of the most recent research on the topics being covered.

The online titles are:

  • The towns of Italy in the later Middle Ages - translated and edited by Trevor Dean.
  • The Normans in Europe - translated and edited by Elisabeth van Houts.
  • The Black Death - translated and edited by Rosemary Horrox.
  • Christian dualist heresies in the Byzantine world, c.650-c.1450 - edited by Janet Hamilton and Bernard Hamilton.
  • Late Merovingian France: History and hagiography, 640-720 - by Paul Fouracre and Richard A. Gerberding.
  • The history of the tyrants of Sicily by 'Hugo Falcandus' 1154-69 - translated and annotated by Graham A Loud and Thomas Wiedemann.
  • The Jews in Western Europe 1400-1600 - translated and edited by John Edwards.
  • Women of the English nobility and gentry 1066-1500 - translated and edited by Jennifer Ward.
  • Chronicles of the Revolution 1397-1400: the reign of Richard II - translated and annotated by Chris Given-Wilson.
  • Catholic England: faith, religion and observance before the Reformation - translated and annotated by R. N. Swanson.
  • The Annals of St-Bertin: ninth-century histories, volume I - translated and annotated by Janet L. Nelson.
  • The Annals of Fulda: ninth-century histories, volume II - translated and edited by Timothy Reuter.
  • Women in England, 1275-1525 - translated and edited by P.J.P. Goldberg.

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